Roof Inspection



You can either inspect your roof or call us and we will

Thinking of doing it on your own?

The exterior inspection can be dangerous. You want to be careful when doing this kind of inspection because the damage caused by missing or destroyed shingles may break easily when pressure applied. You should only complete as much of the inspection as you feel you can safely accomplish.

Pay attention to everything at the top of your house (eaves, gutters, and shingles can all display signs of wear and aging). A roof in need of attention will show multiple signs that you should never ignore such as:missing shingles , loose material or wear around chimneys, pipes, vents, or other penetrations.If you also observe an excessive amount of shingle granules (which will often look like dark sand crystals) in your gutter, it may be a sign that your roof has experienced advanced wear and is in need of replacement.

The interior check should be a thorough inspection of the highest ceilings in your home which would be the attic where you can look for signs of water damage like moisture, mold and rot. These may include dark spots in the roof or any other form of discolouration under missing or damaged shingles. This is a sure sign that your roof has experienced long-term leakage and is not protecting your home!

In any doubts, call us !